Android e-Book

Developed with Indivibook, e-Books can work quickly, securely and professionally on your Android devices. You can use drawing tools as you like, create images, videos, audios, events, etc. You can enrich your books with content and provide an effective learning experience.

Android e-Book

Android e-Book

Android eBook

With the increase in digital competencies, technology has taken its place in education as well as in all areas of our lives. In this context, printed books have begun to be transferred to digital media. Therefore, Android e-Book has become a necessity. Especially with the more effective use of distance education, e-Book applications have started to be preferred. In this sense, it has created an efficient working environment with Zoom e-Book, which is used very frequently. However, especially with the increasing efficiency of mobile devices, Android e-Book has become a much more desirable application.

When we look at mobile devices, especially devices using the Android operating system are quite a lot. The e-Books we have developed as Indivibook run smoothly on Android devices. Android eBook opening professional is fast and secure. Therefore, our e-Book android versions are ready for educators to use. The features we offer work completely on devices using Android operating system, if requested. It contains functions such as drawing tools, shape tools, showing answers, turning the desired region on-off, different toolbar types, presentation mode that an educator will need. At the same time, Android e-Book supports a wide variety of enrichment tools such as images, videos, audios, events, links, as well as desktop or web-based e-Books.

Opening an Android eBook

When we look at the distance education processes, educators have started to use many tools. In this sense, the need for e-Books arose in mobile devices in order to increase productivity. It can be used directly as an Android e-Book opening program without the need for any program. Therefore, Indivibook e-Book applications can run fast and securely on all devices, regardless of platform, including Windows, MacOs, Linux, Pardus and Android. In this context, lessons will be much more efficient by using our e-Book android applications. If we answer the question of how to open an e-Book on Android, it can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store and become ready for use.

Developed by Indivibook, the Android e-Book contains all the functions found in normally used e-Books. It will be very useful especially for all educators who need to open e-Books in Zoom. The answer to the question of how to open an e-Book on Android is used by downloading it from the Google Play Store, which is used as an application market for android devices. Therefore, it can work without any problems on your device in terms of opening Android e-Books. The eBooks on your device have very simple usage regarding opening eBooks in Zoom. Only after you open the application, you can select the z-book you want from the screen share and project it on the screen.

Tablet eBook

The need for e-Books on tablet devices has also gained importance, especially in the distance education process. Regarding opening e-Books on the tablet, it can be used only by downloading and installing from the play store on devices using Android operating system. Therefore, Indivibook can be used directly on the tablet without the need for an e-Book opening program. Thanks to this feature, opening e-Books on the tablet is very easy and fast. In this sense, especially the solutions that educators may hear about the e-Book opening program on tablets are solved with Indivibook.

As we mentioned above, e-Books developed with Indivibook can work quickly, securely and professionally on your Android devices. Therefore, Indivibook is a professional and corporate solution for your Android e-Book needs.

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