Interactive Book

Interactive BookInteractive book is an interactive book in which books prepared in digital environment interact with the user in an interactive way, sound, visual, animation, video, etc. in the book. An environment where interactive contents interact with each other or with the user should come to mind. Therefore, interactive books have a versatile and rich communication, apart from the one-way and limited communication channel that normal books have. Interactive book has increased its effectiveness, especially in today’s world where distance education is indispensable. Interactive Books are sometimes called Interactive books. Therefore, it can come to our mind as an interactive book when considered from a functional perspective.

MEB Interactive Book

Interactive textbooks have started to take place in educational processes, especially since the 2000s. With the widespread use of the Internet, serious progress has been made, especially for book lovers. In the beginning, books were only digitized by transferring them to the internet environment. However, after bringing together rich content tools and textbooks on the same platform, interactive books came to the fore. Interactive books have an important place in terms of increasing the instructional level of textbooks. Today, students who are educated and referred to as the z-generation have different learning processes. Especially with the scientific studies, it has been proven that there are different types of learning. Interactive textbooks also appear at this point. Interactive books have an important place in terms of appealing to individuals with different learning experiences with many enrichment tools such as visual, audio, video, writing, animation, interactive content. In this context, interactive textbooks are also supported by the Ministry of Education. Perhaps in the near future, printed textbooks will be replaced by interactive books over time.
When we look at the benefits of Interactive Books, it can be examined by many people. When considered in terms of users, it is both cheaper and advantageous in terms of being always with you. In addition, it can reach not only the text but also the contents mentioned above. In fact, it can increase the learning experience by choosing the most suitable content in terms of dozens of content. When we think of the authors, it is especially advantageous in terms of feedback, immediate editing and publishing. For another sector, Publishers, it can be counted as fast production, lowering of cost risks, and easy distribution.

EBA Interactive Book

After the benefits mentioned above, EBA interactive textbooks are also beneficial for students in many ways. Students can access interactive books very easily and quickly. Thanks to EBA interactive textbooks, students can quickly access not only one book, but also many books related to the related course. Therefore, MEB has taken an important step in adapting to today’s technology with the interactive book. With the MEB EBA interactive course book, students can access the books in the field they want.
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