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Indivibook; has developed a professional, aesthetic online e-book editor by combining its software infrastructure with the appearance developed by our expert designers.

Online e-Book

Online e-Book

Online e-Book

Online e-Book; It provides an enhanced learning experience for users by enriching the printed books in online environments. When we look at e-book preparation programs, it usually works offline. However, with Indivibook’s online e-book preparation editor, you can perform your transactions on any internet browser without the need for any software.

When we look at the enriched books, online e-Books have a more ergonomic and easily accessible structure in terms of user experience. One of the biggest advantages of e-Books prepared with the E-Book pdf online editor is that they can be updated at any time. In this way, the problem of not being able to update the offline e-Book formats once they are prepared and distributed is eliminated. As it is known, after the e-Books prepared as offline are prepared, they need to be turned into an offline e-Book and distributed again even with the slightest change.
As mentioned above, books prepared as online e-books have a structure that can be updated at any time. Continuous updating is not limited to video, audio, image, link, activity added as content. Update content; It includes the processes related to the design, performance, and structure of the books. Therefore, online e-Books will have a constantly evolving content. They are not like offline e-books that cannot be prepared and updated once a year.

Today, the circulation of information is very fast. In this context, the training contents should be updated continuously. At this point, the facilities provided by the online e-Book preparation editor appear. Therefore, the prepared e-Books can be updated at any time during education. For example, a video prepared later on a subject can be added to the z-book, enabling teachers and students to see it.
The contents can be updated very easily with Indivibook, which we developed as an online e-book editor. In particular, thanks to its web-based structure, it can work independently from the platform. Therefore, Indivibook is the most advanced e-Book editor for Pardus e-Book preparation. Indivibook’s online e-Book editor works fast and securely not only in Pardus, but also in Linux, MacOs, Android based operating systems. Thanks to this advantage, e-Book can be prepared and published only on the internet browser, and also feedback can be received.
After the enriched books are prepared, they can be published quickly. With E-Book pdf online, books can be enriched with content such as video, audio, pictures, activities, and can also be used with drawing tools. With Indivibook drawing tools, coloring can be done using shapes such as square, circle, line. These contents can be copied, reproduced and deleted when necessary. Online e-Book download option can also be added. Therefore, online books can be used offline or offline when desired. In this context, e-Books can be used both online and offline.

Indivibook Online e-Book

Indivibook; has developed a professional, aesthetic online e-book editor by combining its software infrastructure with the appearance developed by our expert designers. After the Indivibook e-Book is prepared, it is packaged offline and works on all devices (Windows, Pardus, Linux, MacOs, Android) regardless of the platform. With Indivibook, which we can define as the new generation e-Book platform, publishers, teachers, editors, academicians, and therefore anyone who wants to prepare e-Books, can quickly and safely prepare online e-books or offline e-books.

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