e-Book Preparation Creation

When we look at the e-Book preparation processes with Indivibook, first the book is loaded, the presentation mode settings are made, the contents are added, the final checks are made and it is ready for publication.

e-Book Preparation Creation

e-Book Preparation CreationWith the start of digital transformation in education, this transformation has also made itself felt in books. Especially with the use of smart boards in classrooms, it has become an indispensable part of the lessons. Therefore, it was a necessity for the books to become e-Books. e-Book, as we have shared in our previous articles, consists of enriching printed books with multimedia tools. Of course, although this definition is not enough, it does not fully reflect the characteristics of e-Books.
Within the scope of digital transformation, book owner publishers, authors, and non-governmental organizations that issue books also want to turn their printed books into e-Books. When it comes to e-Book preparation program, we come across customized software. In the process of creating a e-Book, the relevant program must have a wide variety of features. First of all, sound, video, text, activity, picture, etc. it should support many content. These contents should be able to be added anywhere in the book. The added content should be able to be edited and deleted quickly and practically. In addition to adding content, there are also pen, highlighter, shape tools, color, line, etc., which are referred to as drawing tools. tools should also be included in the e-Book preparation program. One of the most important stages in the e-Book creation process is the design stage, which we can call user experience. When it comes to how to create a e-Book, the most important answer to be given is to choose an interesting design besides the features of the software. While designing the e-Book, it should have a customizable design that users can easily find what they are looking for. At the same time, it should be able to be viewed in all browsers and different resolutions without any problem. Because today there are many different devices with a wide variety of resolutions.

e-Book Preparation Program

When the e-Book application is examined, they are in different formats, online and offline. Offline – offline e-Book software is preferred for devices that do not have access to the internet. When the current e-Book applications are examined, they work offline. However, Indivibook e-Book Software works both online and offline. Indivibook e-Book application is a fast, multi-functional software that runs smoothly on all browsers. As a e-Book preparation program, Indivibook is a professional software that offers all solutions together.

How to create a e-Book

Creating a e-Book with Indivibook actually consists of several steps. First, the book is loaded, the presentation mode settings are made, the contents are added, the final checks are made and it is made ready for publication. When it comes to how to make a e-Book, the answer to this question is quite easy, as we have just explained. We can even say that anyone who can write in Word can prepare a e-Book in Indivibook. As mentioned above, the process of creating a e-Book is very easy with Indivibook. With the e-Book preparation program, you can turn your pdf-formatted books into e-Books. You can also publish the prepared books offline if you want. Therefore, you should pay attention to the features of the e-Book creation program that it can be published in both ways. In addition, due to the widespread use of Pardus smart boards, Pardus compatible e-Book preparation has gained importance. In the process of creating a e-Book, the software must be capable of preparing a e-Book to be compatible with both Windows, Mac and Pardus.

Indivibook offers you solutions that work on all platforms with professional software infrastructure, practical, fast and rich content support in the process of creating e-Book preparation.

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