What is Indivibook e-Book?

Indivibook e-Booke-Book, also known as Enriched Book, is the diversification of printed textbooks, question banks, unit booklets with enrichment tools such as video, audio, visual, connection, activity.
Especially with the introduction of the internet in the early 2000s, many sectors such as business, education, commerce and banking started to transform. Of course, the education system has also been affected by the digital transformation we have mentioned. In the scale of educational materials, printed materials have entered a digital transformation process, influenced by the benefits provided by the internet. This process continues today. In particular, within the scope of the Fatih Project, signed between the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in 2010, it was aimed to provide each teacher and student with a tablet computer and an Interactive Board (Smart Board) in each classroom. The project is to create an information society in the future by using technology in education and at the same time to provide equal opportunity by using technology in education. In the process, smart boards have been used in classroom environments since 2012. Along with smart boards, printed textbooks have also gone through digital transformation and started to take their place in smart boards. In this context, the concept of e-Book has emerged. Therefore, the answer to the question of what is a e-book has become important. In this direction, the books have started to be enriched with visual, audio, video and connection. While another narrative textbooks are placed above the students’ desk in print, the same book appears on the smart board screens at the same time. In this context, part of the question of what is e-Book will be answered.
Many formats are currently supported regarding the enrichment tools of the books. In this direction, the educational contents produced so far will be used in e-books. Therefore, in this case, while answering the question of what is the e-book, it also emerged in a concept called content recycling. In other words, the content produced since the 2000s will be integrated into e-Books and the content will be recycled.
As we mentioned above, the best answer to the question of What is a e-Book is the software that enhances the learning experience by enriching the printed books with tools such as visual, audio, video and activities. The software in this scope is prepared online (online) or offline (offline). Offline, offline e-Books are downloaded from the internet or distributed via USB sticks. In this sense, it may take some time to deliver offline offline e-Books to teachers or students. Also offline e-Books cannot be updated. To be more precise, when the offline e-book reaches the user and is updated again, the user should obtain this file once again. The slightest update will continue this process. When we ask what is e-Book, it is necessary to refer to online online e-books. Online e-books are e-books published on the web or by installation. Distribution of online e-books is extremely easy. Only anyone who knows the website address can access the e-book. In addition, e-books can be published to a smaller group by adding user input. Another feature is that updates can be delivered instantly, enabling users to obtain the latest e-book version. While answering the What is a E-Book question, it is necessary to touch upon the concepts we have mentioned above.

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