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Pardus- ebookPardus e-Book

Some of the smart boards allocated by the Ministry of National Education and used in classrooms have the Pardus operating system. Pardus operating system is an operating system pioneered by TUBITAK, whose works are carried out domestically. While developing Pardus, Linux-based operating system is taken as a reference and its development continues with open source code. In this context, it is aimed to expand the use of Pardus in smart boards. With the last tender held in March 2021, 20,000 smart boards took their place in the classrooms. Before, Pardus operating system was installed on thousands of smart boards.

As mentioned above, it is extremely important that z-Books are Pardus compatible with the use of Pardus smart board in classrooms. Most z-Books under development are compatible with Windows-based operating systems. However, the software infrastructure of z-Books developed by Indivibook is developed platform independent. Pardus z-Book solutions needed in this context are readily available within Indivibook. Indivibook z-Books works seamlessly as web-based – online, Windows based offline – offline, online for MacOs operating systems using Mac computers – online and offline – offline, online for Pardus operating system – online and offline – offline due to its technical infrastructure. .

Pardus z-Book with Indivibook

The solutions produced by Indivibook for your Pardus smart board z-Book needs work smoothly and without any performance loss. With the introduction of Pardus smart boards in classrooms, the need for Pardus compatible z-Books has arisen, especially for publishing houses. While preparing z-books with Indivibook, your books are prepared with a single panel. With the same panel, books are enriched by adding picture, video, audio, link, event, etc. contents, settings for presentation mode are made and now they are packaged for Windows z-Book, MacOs z-Book, Pardus z-Book. In this way, z-books are prepared more economically and different situations do not arise for different operating systems. In this way, errors are minimized and teacher and student satisfaction is achieved.

Pardus z-Kitap is ready with smart board applications for publishers, content providers and people who want to share their notes. Z-Books prepared with Indivibook can be made compatible with Pardus smart boards very quickly. With the prepared z-Books, teachers can process their lessons very easily, and the printed books are transferred to the digital environment. Indivibook, Pardus smart board z-Book works quickly, it does not need any extra software. All that needs to be done is to download the prepared z-books from USB memory or internet to the computer. If desired, it can be used online or online via browsers without the need for downloading. As we mentioned before, with the software infrastructure we have developed, we ensure that z-books are included in the smart boards in the simplest way without the need for any other software.

If you want to get information about Pardus z-Book and benefit from the solutions we offer, you can contact us.

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