Why Indivibook?

Why Indivibook?


Indivibook is a cloud-based platform developed to go beyond classic z-books and publish content by enriching it with multimedia tools such as video, audio, and pictures.

Your books are displayed very quickly with the advanced optimization algorithm developed in Indivibook infrastructure. In this way, you do not wait for books to be opened on the screen. Indivibook opens in a few seconds instead of smart board applications that find size GBs.

Thanks to our technology, your books that we have transferred to the digital environment are used seamlessly with Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile devices. In this context, your books and lecture notes are available at any time.

Thanks to the search section that comes with the Indivibook environment, you can access images and vectors that do not have copyright problems and add them to your books without leaving the book. You can also listen to the pronunciation of the words you search for use in English language education.

Enriched books should be designed to have an interesting design in terms of learning, and at the same time, the items should be easily accessible. At this point, Indivibook provides a seamless learning environment thanks to its responsive design to all platforms.

We are waiting for you to experience Indivibook.

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