Smart Board Applications

Smart Board ApplicationsSmart Board Applications

With the Fatih Project, smart boards started to be used actively in schools, and enrichment studies were started by transferring the textbooks to the digital environment. In this way, teachers can use the printed books on the smart boards. With Smart Board Applications, z-book culture has started to spread. In this way, teachers can use the drawing, shape, color etc. in smart board applications. It can operate on e-books effectively with activity tools.

What’s in Smart Board Applications?

In smart board applications, there are options to add content that enrich the books and make them interactive. The most preferred are tools such as picture, sound, video, link, activity. For example, in this way, the cell picture in the book can be supported with more visuals, as well as video and animation can be added. The search section in Indivibook z-book can be used to search even more content. In this way, teachers and students will be able to access more content instantly.

With the digitalization of the education system, more digital materials are needed in schools. Printed textbooks alone are not interesting to reach students with different learning experiences, especially called the z-generation. In this context, printed books should also be supported digitally. In this sense, smart board applications have emerged and developed itself day by day. Z-books to be prepared with Indivibook are at a level that can fully meet the needs of publishers, thanks to its design, software and infrastructure. The requirements are analyzed day by day and integrated into z-books.

With the z-book software, the learning processes in the classrooms varied. The biggest change occurred with the Smart Board. Thus, various contents and activities have become available in the classroom environment for students with different learning habits. For example, as stated in the theory of multiple intelligences, some students have visual intelligence and are more prone to learn with visual elements, while some students have auditory intelligence and can learn more easily with content enriched with audio elements. While some students concentrate more easily with moving elements such as video, some students may prefer to read only.

As mentioned above, with Smart Board Applications developed to meet the different needs of students with different learning experiences, printed books can be supported and used in classrooms. In this sense, you can move your books to smart boards with Indivibook z-Book.

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