Indivibook z-Book

Indivibook z-Book

Indivibook z-Book (Enriched Book)

With the z-book platform that emerged with the idea of ​​an Enriched Book, it offers a learning experience far beyond the digital transfer of books in the classical sense. This software, also known as z-book with its short name, consists of enriching the standard content of the textbooks with multimedia tools without deteriorating. Video, audio, visual, activity, animation, connection etc. in Indivibook z-book software. There are a wide variety of enrichment tools, including.

Indivibook z-Kitap works seamlessly on all platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Pardus, mobile devices, thanks to the technology it uses. Indivibook z-book can be presented to users in many different ways, including online, offline and semi-offline. In this way, Indivibook z-book offers complete flexibility with updating in places where the internet is available, where it is not available, or when connected to the internet in semi-offline mode.

Indivibook z-book is very simple to use. With the design team within its structure, user experiences are observed, the design is made, integrated into the software, tested and presented to the users after they are professionally ready.

We would like to meet with anyone who wants to take the z-book experience to another dimension with Indivibook.

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