Indivibook Smart Board Application

Indivibook Smart Board Application


With the Indivibook Enriched Book application, you can quickly convert your books, educational notes, lecture brochures to video, audio, text, visuals, etc. You can make it more efficient by enriching it with many content.

Drawing tools are available with the Indivibook platform. Pen, highlighter, hollow – filled square and circle, line, etc. You can use many tools by customizing them with options such as color and line thickness. You can quickly copy and delete the shapes you draw. In this context, Indivibook is fast, easy and flexible.

Indivibook is one of the most suitable solutions for lecturing on your books. So much so that with its online feature, the books you enriched at home, in the office or anywhere are right in front of you in your classroom. You can update it continuously and see your books at any time.

Indivibook has been in constant contact with teachers during its development. The needs of the teachers were determined on the spot by listening to the lessons and making observations in the classroom. In this way, a user-friendly, flexible and modern smart board application has emerged.

Smart boards used in educational environments were examined on-site by our team and notes were taken down to the finest detail. Smart board experiences of teachers and students were determined, design and functional features were determined. In this direction, Indivibook is a user-friendly smart board application.

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